Building a Tribe


Wow…so I got the dietitian (RDN) and I was so excited about making the leap.

I had no idea the amount of energy goes into meal planning and prep.  Seriously…

Ok – so within the first week I was down 1 pound. Then I attended the Arnold Palmer Invitational Golf Tournament. It’s an annual pilgrimage for me. 15 years or more I’ve been going to this tournament. I enjoy meeting up with friends and eating/drinking.

With the tournament over, I was back to shopping, preparing, cooking, measuring and packing. This is not fun…nope. Not at all.

I’m one week in and this is getting old. I’m one week in and I can tell this is my Achilles heel. This is getting old and painful. At this point I’m up to 3 meltdowns in the grocery aisle. There are so many things in this world I can do. But pick a yogurt among several shelves a mile wide…nope.

I’m hyperventilating trying to figure out is it nonfat or low fat. Regular or Greek. Breathe…Breathe…UGH…

I went to the brink of quitting and letting the dietitian have ALL my money. It is also at this moment where I realize why there is a no refund policy. But then….a Godsend. Literally.

My Sorority Sister recommends a personal chef. Then a dear friend (and Sorority Girl) recommends a Health and Wellness Coach.

My Vibe Tribe is coming together. Dietitian, Personal Chef, and Health and Wellness Coach.

I am 2 Legit to Quit…

Hey Girl, Can I Get Your Number?


Well, well…got my results from my physical. Basically, I’m healthy as a horse except for that set of numbers that determine my BMI. And since my growth spurt is long gone…I’ve got to get to work on lowering that number and my blood pressure number. Something tells me that they are related…

I’ve been on a plant-based diet for 6 months. I look leaner and some say “younger” but I really want to get in better shape. I’ve ramped-up my work outs and hired a nutritionist. Our meeting is later this week.

I’m excited to have someone else put together a plan. I’m actually looking forward to taking a break from cooking too. Looking for temporary chef to prepare my weekly meals or a service like Fit Life Foods.

I’m actually proud of myself –allowing someone to assist in my planning. I answered all questions and exposed some vulnerability. Giving up control in believing only I know what’s best for me.

Let’s see how it goes…

Trying something different


One of my interns shared that she noticed that words are important to me. As I embark on this weight loss journey I needed to understand what was tripping me up. We all know to change your body composition is about diet and exercise. For example, how I got in this situation was robust food and champagne consumption and not exercising. Also, the last two weeks I was on medication that jacked up my weight just as I was finally getting it straight.

As I think about the phrase “diet and exercise” I realize this phrase was stressing me out. Diet to me means deprivation and exercise to me means pain. Recognizing that words are important to me – I decided to change my strategy.  Change “diet” to portion control and “exercise” to shake my butt. My challenge isn’t really what I eat – but how much. For example, I love green grapes. Green grapes are healthy but not when I eat about 2 pounds over the course of a day.

Shake my butt is something I feel I can do for at least 30 minutes a day. However, If I tell myself I need to exercise…well I will find any excuse not to.

My goal is for the next 30 days to exercise 30 minutes and to right size my portions by following the My Plate recommendations. Also, for the next 30 days I will enter my progress in My Fitness Pal. This will be experiment of mind over matter (?). I will report my progress weekly. Wish me luck!

The Dance


I feel as if I’m doing the cha cha. Every step forward comes with two steps back. My sinus, upper respiratory, ear infection triggered my trigeminal neuralgia in my right cheek. For the last month I’ve slept through the night only 3 times.

The medication I’m taking requires that I eat “hearty.” The first night I tried to eat light. It only took an hour before I got sick. So now I’m sick, too exhausted to work out and eating hearty. I’m not at my heaviest but I’m slowly creeping in that direction.

For the last year, every time I was ready to launch a full on fitness program something happened. It’s as if my body wanted me to take some time off and rest. I’ve been an athlete most of my life. Does my body just want to chill?

It’s understandable that my body is tired. However, I don’t like this fuller version of me. How do I balance being fit and giving my body the rest it requires?

Team Sport


I get by with a little help from my friends.

I’ve been struggling staying committed to working out. Some days I’m in beast mode. I spring out of bed- get on my gear and work out like I have a future “court” date with Serena.

Other days I’ll turn my workout time into a leisurely stroll down social media and the only thing doing reps is my pointer finger scrolling. So I had to think when have I been most successful?

Accountability challenges. Yes, so I reached out to a friend, got down on bended knee and offered her the role. She said YES! We set our parameters. Online Zumba game for 45 minutes and 30 minutes strength training. I chose 6 days/week –she being an overachiever chose 7 days.

Yesterday marked one week in. So far so good for both of us. For example, there was a day that I started running errands at 8am and returned home at 9pm. I just wanted to be one with the couch and chill. But no…I dragged my tired butt to the guest room and cranked out 54 minutes of Zumba with wrist weights.

Later in the week, due to my schedule I broke the Zumba in 2 (25 min parts). The other bonus is this plan is helping me hit my Fitbit goals too.

I’m excited and motivated. I’m glad I didn’t give up trying to figure it out. Sometimes you have to keep trying things out until you find what works.


Getting my Fitness Groove Back.


4 months ago I sprained my knee a couple of hours after running a 5k. This is the longest it has taken me to recover. My right knee has given me trouble over the years. 6 years ago I had a lateral release. I just can’t seem to get this knee healthy.

About a month ago I finally went to the doctor to get it checked out. Luckily, I didn’t tear anything but I was still suffering a bit from issues with my patella. My doctor told me to try and start running again. Of course I didn’t. Just not ready to test it out.

I did get a little more active. Playing tennis and I went back to the Bar Method. I ordered KT tape and I love it. Support without the bulkiness of the brace.

Last week I went on a Royal Caribbean cruise to Key West, Cuba and Mexico. Empress of the Seas is a smaller ship with a decent fitness center. Except this ship was sold out. So it was a little hard to get a treadmill. I had to work out in order to keep pace with my eating! So I gave the knee a shot on the jog track on deck 6. First, half mile I only walked. Second, half-mile, I walked and ran! I did about a mile and a half. Then I went back to the fitness center. Waited for a treadmill and got in ½ mile running on an incline! I had some pain later and swelling but nothing I couldn’t manage (especially with Biofreeze). Also, on this cruise I tried Zumba again. I went through the hour class without any pain.

So now I have the confidence to introduce more running into my routine. Which is desperately needed. Good news, I only gained 2 pounds on the cruise. Bad news, I am at my heaviest weight in years. 4 months until my birthday celebration. It’s time to start training for gold.