Building a Tribe


Wow…so I got the dietitian (RDN) and I was so excited about making the leap.

I had no idea the amount of energy goes into meal planning and prep.  Seriously…

Ok – so within the first week I was down 1 pound. Then I attended the Arnold Palmer Invitational Golf Tournament. It’s an annual pilgrimage for me. 15 years or more I’ve been going to this tournament. I enjoy meeting up with friends and eating/drinking.

With the tournament over, I was back to shopping, preparing, cooking, measuring and packing. This is not fun…nope. Not at all.

I’m one week in and this is getting old. I’m one week in and I can tell this is my Achilles heel. This is getting old and painful. At this point I’m up to 3 meltdowns in the grocery aisle. There are so many things in this world I can do. But pick a yogurt among several shelves a mile wide…nope.

I’m hyperventilating trying to figure out is it nonfat or low fat. Regular or Greek. Breathe…Breathe…UGH…

I went to the brink of quitting and letting the dietitian have ALL my money. It is also at this moment where I realize why there is a no refund policy. But then….a Godsend. Literally.

My Sorority Sister recommends a personal chef. Then a dear friend (and Sorority Girl) recommends a Health and Wellness Coach.

My Vibe Tribe is coming together. Dietitian, Personal Chef, and Health and Wellness Coach.

I am 2 Legit to Quit…

The Dance


I feel as if I’m doing the cha cha. Every step forward comes with two steps back. My sinus, upper respiratory, ear infection triggered my trigeminal neuralgia in my right cheek. For the last month I’ve slept through the night only 3 times.

The medication I’m taking requires that I eat “hearty.” The first night I tried to eat light. It only took an hour before I got sick. So now I’m sick, too exhausted to work out and eating hearty. I’m not at my heaviest but I’m slowly creeping in that direction.

For the last year, every time I was ready to launch a full on fitness program something happened. It’s as if my body wanted me to take some time off and rest. I’ve been an athlete most of my life. Does my body just want to chill?

It’s understandable that my body is tired. However, I don’t like this fuller version of me. How do I balance being fit and giving my body the rest it requires?



(in informal golf) an extra stroke allowed after a poor shot, not counted on the scorecard. (online dictionary)

December 2017 – January 2018 was not counted on the scorecard. My role of 11 years ended at a company I was an employee for 16 years. It was the holidays after a milestone birthday. I celebrated the start of one milestone and the ending of another. The celebrating didn’t really include extensive cardio exercises or golf. It did include a lot of champagne, cake, and amazing food. Also a new strength training routine and I learned my way around a weight room.

January began with a new role and a new waistline (also a new roll). Despite the extra poundage I was “over the moon” happy with my new beginning.

Now as we enter into March – I’m giving myself a mulligan. I’m settling into my new responsibilities at work so now it’s time to get back into a work -out routine.

My goal this year is to get back to my solid “thickness” and ditch the low dosage blood pressure medicine. Wish me luck!


Back in the Swing of things!


I didn’t play golf all summer.  I don’t know if it’s the southern heat or my lack of passion since Tiger Woods went on hiatus. Then I was invited to LudaDay Weekend in Atlanta, GA .  LudaDay weekend is a 3 day event during Labor Day weekend is hosted by actor/entertainer Chris “Ludacris” Bridges and benefits The Ludacris Foundation. The aim of the foundation is to inspire the youth through education, memorable experiences and helping the youth help themselves. The focus is what Ludacris calls the “3Ls”: Leadership and Education, Living Healthy and Going Green programs, and LudaCares.  Help Youth help themselves.

The 2nd Annual “Grass is Always Greener” Golf Tournament was held at Crystal Lake Golf Course in Hampton, GA. Crystal Lake Golf Course was designed by Denis Griffiths who borrowed a bit from Scotland with a good bit of deception and links style bunkering.

If you’re in the Atlanta area, I highly recommend going to this course. The staff was awesome and the course amazing.

Tiger’s Back. I’m Inspired


Absolutely I love this game with or without Tiger. But reality is that I’m obsessed with golf when he’s in it. So imagine my pure joy that the Hero World Challenge supporting the Tiger Woods Foundation is featuring the man!

And then this happens. A celebrity golf day and my Fairy Golf Father Alonzo Mourning is playing. So I trot over to Isleworth to walk several holes with big Zo. I’ve never been to Isleworth before so it was super exciting to walk a new course. I will be out there several times this week.

Tiger’s LisaHeroChallengeback. I’m back. Tis’ the season!

Arnold Palmer Invitational


I will admit, when Tiger Woods announced he wasn’t going to play in the Arnold Palmer Invitational- I wasn’t sure what to do.

I knew I would probably not go to the pro-am but how else would I set my day. I didn’t really know what to do with the freedom.

Well, I found ways, lots of ways. Here I thought…oh I’ll spend 4 hours on the course each day and follow whomever.

Thursday, Friday and Sunday I was there from sun up to sun down. Saturday was cut short because I had tickets to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Twice I sat on the bleachers on 18. What an amazing view up the fairway. All these years, I’ve never made it to the bleachers! When Tiger plays, bleacher spots are gone hours before his tee time on 1!

I was invited to hang out at the Club 8 tent. Tent access gives you a bird’s eye view of the green on 8 and tee box on 2. The free food and bar is a bonus too. I actually spent a couple of hours in the tent. Who knew?

I walked the course at my leisure. Not having to dodge throngs of people or beat the ropes going up at the next hole. But the best part was actually getting to the tee box on 16! What an amazing view!

While I’m grateful to have had these new experiences, I don’t want to go much longer without wearing red and black on Sunday.

Arnold Palmer Invitational Time!


The Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill is one of my favorite golf tournaments to attend. It’s a spectator friendly tournament. I’ve been attending for years and I look forward to it every year. This year Tiger Woods was set to go for his 9th win but had to withdraw due to back spasms.

Going to API and not seeing Tiger is going to be a new experience for me and I’m very excited to see this tournament through new eyes.

The British Open (The Arrival)

The British Open (The Arrival)


Honestly, I am still pinching myself. My friend Jen recently moved to the UK and invited me to visit. My friend Dan lives only 30 minutes from the Royal Lytham & St. Anne’s Golf Course .  Really, was it going to be that easy? All I have to do is fly to London, jump on a 2 hour train ride north and I would get  to attend one of the most prestigious events in golf. No way…but yet Way!

I landed in London the same day as the 2012 Olympiads. From the moment I entered customs the question was the same. “Are you here for the Olympics?” My response, “No, I’m here for the British Open!” My response was met with the same look, utter surprise.

I attended the Open on Friday with Dan and his friends (now mine too) Chris and Greg. I can’t even explain how much the golf gods were smiling on us. We didn’t encounter any traffic on the way to the course. The shuttle bus pulled out the moment we got on, and the first player we see when arriving, Jim Furyk !

We entered the venue at the fan experience area. The fan area was really cool. They had a bunker practice area, putting green, longest drive contest, and photo area where you take a pic for the cover of the program. One of my favorite areas was when one of the club members gave me a history lesson of the golf balls and equipment. That was sooo cool. The boys tried out all the areas. Greg, hit his ball out the bunker and hit the flag stick. However it didn’t go in the hole. Little did we know, his shot would be replicated later in the day but to a different end.  Me, I was too excited to hold a club and just completely overwhelmed that I was at THE OPEN!   

Slazenger Jacket in lilac/yellow.  Reg. $40. On sale $29.97 + 50% = $14.99. I had a Golf Galaxy rewa


Slazenger Jacket in lilac/yellow. Reg. $40. On sale $29.97 + 50% = $14.99. I had a Golf Galaxy rewa

Being In the Moment


As a spectator, the allure of going to golf tournaments was the fact you can’t take electronic devices on the course. No cell phone, blackberry, or pagers! Complete silence. There I was on a beautiful landscaped course, often with shared with wildlife, with no outside intrusions. Even the gallery has to be quiet and still at tee shots, mid shots and putts. There in the middle of everything was tranquility.
Playing golf requires being still. Clearing your mind and focusing on your stance, posture, grip and alignment. Approaching the green requires strategy. What is the terrain, are there any hills, sand traps or bunkers? Yes, theoretically you’re playing against a human a opponent but your true competition is the course itself.
In the beginning, clearing my mind was a huge challenge. I was always thinking about what I needed to do after I left the course. I was not in the moment and it was reflected in my shot. Golf is about technique. Getting up to the tee box you have to concentrate on the checklist. Stance, posture, grip, alignment, and club selection, check! But if you don’t clear your mind there is something you’ll miss on the checklist. On your second shot, checklist again. And lastly when putting, checklist again. To be successful you have to be in the moment.
Golf is a game cemented in manners and honor. When you’re playing it is imperative that you don’t stand where you will distract the hitter. When you have the furthest shot out, you go first. When you’re putting or checking the green, you can’t step in the line of the other players putt. You can’t cast a shadow over the other persons’ ball. While putting, someone will attend to the pin (remove the flag from the hole-to increase your chance of getting in the hole). On the next tee shot, the person who had the lowest score on the hole previous has the honor of hitting first. Yes, back in the day, it was created to be a “gentlemen’s” game.
Playing golf teaches you patience, strategy, focus, manners, being still and most importantly, being in the moment. All skills that will serve you well off the course too.