Playing From the Forward Tees

The forward tees are for middle or high handicap women and seniors, and beginners of all stripes. There’s no shame in playing from a forward set of tees if that is appropriate for your game.
I have had so many starts to playing this game. Once going to the driving range some 10 years ago. Then taking a couple of private lessons 5 years ago, a golf clinic the fall of 2009 and then taking a 5-week clinic last May.

Two huge things happened before taking that clinic last May. First, my fairy golf father gifted me some clubs and then I was introduced through my job to EWGA (Executive Women’s Golf Association). The 5-week clinic was the kick I needed and the friendships with the women in the clinic fueled the passion. We made a pact after the clinic to try and play every Sunday. This provided the comfort level needed to go out and just have fun. We play 9 holes because we need time to socialize at the 19th hole!
I constantly hear from women that they want to learn to play but then they don’t. I hope by sharing my stories, you’ll be inspired to grab some friends, some cute outfits, learn to play and join in the fun.


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