You Can Be Fashionable in Golf and Not Go Broke

One of the barriers for people seeking to play the game of golf is the cost. You can find deals on equipment and gear. Follow me as I search for deals along with birdies.

One Golf Resolution Down…

Several weeks from the start of our after -hours golf league we got an Email with the kick off date.  Yvonne suggested our foursome get in a clinic for a refresher lesson.  I told her I knew exactly who to contact. I reached out to Coach Ted with Create Golfers.

After explaining to Coach Ted our needs and skill level he put together a multi-week clinic featuring 2 full swing, wedge/ chip and putting classes.

Once I got the core group settled on dates I figured I would share the fun and sent the information out to some of my other golf friends. I’m proud to say the Harris Inaugural Golf Clinic had 9 participants.

We recently started the league and I’m excited to say we are playing better golf. Since we went through the clinic together we can correct each other in “Coach Ted” speak. We’re playing consistent golf and having a great time.

We’re so enthusiastic about playing better golf that we’ve decided that once the league season is over we’re going to reach out to Coach Ted and do a Fall clinic.

I resolve to have more Golf in my Life


As we get ready to enter 2012 I’m reflective of my golf experiences in 2011 and looking for ways to enhance in 2012.


In 2012, I resolve to add a minimum of one PGA tour event to my spectator schedule. Last year I attended the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill, the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital Open for Children and the Children’s Miracle Network Classic at Walt Disney World. Disney and Bay Hill have always been staples for me and I’m excited to add the JTShriners Open to my list. And next year it’s officially during my birthday. Perhaps, I can get Justin to do a special birthday waggle at the first tee 😉


This year, the Children’s Miracle Network Classic at Walt Disney World because my Fairy Golf Father (Alonzo Mourning) played in the Pro-Am. The second day he was paired with Miracle Child Ashtyn Brown. Ashtyn, who is on the golf team at Ball State University, fought acute lymphoblastic leukemia twice. She wasn’t supposed to live, let alone flourish and play golf. In her struggle to get better, Ashtyn received a kidney transplant, just like Alonzo. So on that day, on that course, there were two warriors! I felt so incredibly blessed to be able to witness proof that God hears prayers.


I resolve to play more Golf. Ok, twist my arm on that one. Actually, I resolve to play in at least one tournament that isn’t a scramble. It’s time to tap into my competitive spirit and play in more trash talking based tourneys!


I resolve to take more lessons to improve my game. I recently bought a package that includes 10 golf clinics at the Nick Faldo Golf Institute. I resolve to actually utilize all 10!


And lastly I resolve to do better in updating my blog and sharing my love for this game!


My wish for each of you in 2012 is that you too find a way to enjoy the things you love and kick it up a notch!

Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital for Children Open


This year I attended the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital for Children Open in Las Vegas, NV (TPC Summerlin). I know, I know …right? Let’s break this down. Justin Timberlake. Golf. Charity. Las Vegas! Talk about a full house. Attending this tournament is definitely like hitting the jackpot!


The host course TPC Summerlin is beautiful. You have the green grass of the course contrasting the desert with a backdrop of mountain ranges. And the really cool thing is my brother showed me how to get there from the Vegas strip by bus. It was very easy. And the total time was 37 minutes from strip to course at a cost of $7. As far as admittance to the tourney, you could buy a daily or weekly passes. One of the benefits of the weekly pass (besides 5 days of great golf) is being able to sit on “The Hill” and watch golf. The Hill”; is a luxury 22,000 square foot entertainment pavilion overlooking the 16th, 17th and 18th holes and granting stunning views of the course and Red Rock Mountains.


The week opens with the Championship Pro Am. Now the interesting thing about this Pro-Am is it featured 3 foursomes that consisted of 3 celebrities each. Celebrity Foursome number 1: *NSYNC founding member (and my friend) Chris Kirkpatrick, Football player Seth Joyner and Basketball legend Truck Robinson (who by the way could make a career in golf) and their PGA professional Kevin Streelman. Celebrity Foursome #2 showcased actor Anthony Anderson, former football player Marshall Faulk and former football and baseball player Bo Jackson and their PGA professional Charlie Wi. Celebrity Foursome #3: *NSYNC Founding member Justin Timberlake, actor and comedians Cedric the Entertainer and George Lopez with their PGA professional Trevor Immelman.


While neither of these foursomes won the Pro Am great golf was played and the spectators had a great time. If you’re looking for a tournament to add to your spectator list I suggest you put in your vacation request for October 1 – 7, 2012. Melinda, Kari, Roger, and I will meet you on “The Hill.”

Family Affair

Thank you to the community who follows Playing From The Forward Tees, a blog by my wonderful sister, Lisa. Way to give her brother a chance to write it up.


As you well know, Playing From The Forward Tees is all about Lisa’s journey, her pathway to the pursuit of excellence for her real love of Golf. All of that and more recently was revealed with Lisa’s trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. Please know that I would love to think that Lisa was just visiting me in Vegas but I knew better. So this prose is in ode to her trip with positive reasons to push for support with shameless promotion.


Lisa went to the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital For Children Open recently held at TPC Summerlin , the home of Pro Golf in Vegas.


I got to tag along with her when I could on Thursday, September 29, 2011 and yes Lisa wanted me to tell it, tell it about that day together. I will soon. But how could I really do that now? Really, missing out on the day before was crucial . I had to miss the MGM Resorts International Championship Pro-Am on Wednesday, September 28, 2011.


One professional golfer with three amateurs made it all work with each grouping. And the stars were out there too. Not just as celebrities but people of influence who make a difference through their positive work.


For example, Justin Timberlake’s grouping consisted of :


Trevor Immelman – the 2008 Masters Tournament Champion is really known for his swing.


Cedric The Entertainer – Can he tell jokes? Yes ! Thank you for the overall funny career and all the positive work you do, for real. The Cedric The Entertainer Charitable Foundation, Inc. provides scholarships and positively encourages students to achieve.


George Lopez – As Research Fellow for the NLCA, National Latino Cosmetology Association Foundation , I get to visit Beauticians, Barbers, massage therapists, estheticians and many who make cosmetology work where they work. I’ll just state the performances of George Lopez have influential effects for better patronage in the salons and shops.


**For the record, my favorite JT tune is Senorita.


Rarely am I speechless in peaceful respect regarding the work of people in the public eye. Mr. Timberlake’s charitable work really speaks and helps. In that realm, his record of success is beyond platinum.


I’ve enjoyed taking over Lisa’s blog. Thanks for tweeting my picture Lisa and thank you for the retweet – Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital For Children Open –

Tired of Being “Social”

I haven’t played in a golf tournament since Zo’s Summer Groove. And I’m getting restless.


It isn’t that I haven’t been playing golf. It’s just that I’ve been playing “social” golf. Playing after work on Wednesdays with a league and playing 9 holes on every Sunday with Sue.


Now don’t get me wrong. “Social” golf is fun. It’s an opportunity to hang with people you like playing the game you love, but it doesn’t put the fire in your belly. There’s more chatter than trash talk. There’s more mulligans than penalty strokes and more swing doctor purchases from the bev cart than Gatorade.


Now as luck would have it I just got in invite to be on a foursome playing in a tournament at the end of October!  And this is the same tournament that I played last year and won (Ladies) Longest Drive.  Which  leads me to my new nickname given to me by my Godson, “Cheetah Woods.”  Which is by the way is way better than “Cougar Woods!”


But like the other “Woods” I need to find some other tournaments to play before the one in late October if I’m going to bring home another trophy. The challenge is that I’m running out of time.  Maybe I can convince the crew to turn one of our “social” golf outings into a little internal tournament. I’m thinking a small entry fee and winner takes all.


That’s the ticket. I’m feeling a flame beginning to form…

Zo’s Summer Groove Golf Tournament

Last month I participated in the Zo’s Summer Groove Golf Tournament hosted by, NBA Future Hall of Fame Inductee, Alonzo Mourning  (yes, I’m biased). Zo’s Summer Groove, an annual fundraising event, supports Alonzo Mourning Charities (AMC). AMC is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) public fundraising foundation. AMC’s mission is to create platforms for youth to excel. AMC supports programming with proven results that deliver resources to students and families in need.


In the past the tournament had been at the Doral Golf Resort and Spa.  This year, the host course was Turnberry Isle in Aventura, FL. According to their website, “World Golf Hall of Famer Raymond Floyd completely redesigned both championship courses from tee to green and the results are nothing short of spectacular. The Soffer and Miller courses offer 36 holes of character and a fair test for all skill levels. Recently Fairmont Turnberry Isle Miami golf resort was proud host of the NBC/ADT Golf Skills Challenge and The Stanford International Pro Am, an official LPGA tour event.”


Of course I had to get a new wardrobe for the tournament. I totally worked the pink since I knew I would be one of a handful of women playing. Pink skort, visor, scarf for my golf bag and grey/pink shoes. Because Nike doesn’t have a pink golf balls, I rocked Lady Precepts.


The tournament, being held on both courses, was a sell-out. As I walked the range area I noticed that the field included Jason Taylor (former Miami Dolphin), NFL Hall of Famer Richard Dent,CNN’s Roland Martin, actors Anthony Anderson (Law and Order), Jeffrey Donovan (Burn Notice) and fitness guru/golf Diva Donna Richardson Joyner. Luckily, I was put in a foursome with my friend Jason and his friend Shawn. Unfortunately our 4th, Trey, couldn’t make it.


Since no one in my group had time to warm up (log jam at the bag drop) we had to work it out on the course. What I loved about playing with Jason and Shawn is that while they are competitive, they also like to have fun. We visited every vendor tent, tasted every Grey Goose popsicle, took Grey Goose shots,hydrated with coconut water, did push-ups with members of the US Army Miami Recruitment Battalion (I did 10)and sampled the food at all the restaurants.


The format for the tournament was best ball and we finished at 1 under. We did not win or come close,but I am proud to say that more times than not we used my ball. But my biggest accomplishment this year was my increased confidence level. Last year I was so intimated about playing the Blue Monster at Doral that I needed a pep talk from Alonzo to get out car. No pep talk needed this year! I couldn’t get on the course fast enough. What a difference a year makes! I Love this game!

Seasons Change

For me the season changing from Spring to Summer means transitioning from spectator to player. This Spring I had the pleasure of attending the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill. Going into the week the weather was looking beautiful so I took vacation and attended Wednesday – Sunday.


Wednesday, I attended  the Pro-Am tournament.  I have loved attending the Pro-Am over the years.  The players are very social, stopping for pictures, autographs and take the time to answer questions. Wednesday morning I followed Tiger with a minimal gallery (by Tiger standards), and later in the afternoon Graeme McDowell. I even got up enough nerve to ask Graeme for an autograph to which he happily obliged. He seemed genuinely surprised when I told him I follow him on Twitter.  Thursday – Sunday I followed Graeme, Tiger, Aaron Badderly and Rickie Fowler (I liked his pink outfit best). I literally was on the course from sun up to sun down.


Of course this type of schedule can only be completed with the help of friends. First, my friends the Campbell’s, who live on the course, kept me hydrated, fed and provided a great restroom. Mr. Bell,  provided me with a weekly badge when I realized my two one day badges weren’t going to be enough. And then the golfers themselves who played outstanding golf that kept me glued to their every drive and putt.


The only thing that topped this in- person experience was watching the Masters. Wow and wow. I found myself watching via computer and on television. The online coverage was amazing. I loved being able to watch multiple holes. It was so thrilling!


But as we transition into Summer it’s time to get off the couch and onto the course.  I recently took a lesson at Orange County National Golf Course with Coach Ted. We narrowed my stance, soften my grip and got me to do a full shoulder back and forward rotation. I was so completely jazzed leaving that lesson.


And now it’s time to take what I’ve learned and put it to the test. This week I’ll be playing in the 9 hole after- hours league.  Follow my progress here or on Twitter @playforwardtees.  I have a feeling this is going to be an exciting season!

When I Golf Grow Up

Wow, did November fly by for anyone else or just me? Luckily for me I was able to get in a lot of Golf! As if getting in lots of golf was enough, it was made better by playing with some really good golfers.  I’m the type of person that if John Daly were to call and ask to play with me, I would say yes without thinking. Then of course, the day of, I’d freak out.


I was very excited when a friend said he was travelling home and would stop in Orlando. He is a great golfer and very passionate about the game. I knew a weekend hanging out with him would provide opportunities to improve my game.  During his visit we played two rounds. During these two rounds I learned the following things: I break my “V” on contact with the ball, I need to tee up more when using my driver, I need to record the distances I get with each club, get the range an hour before tee time  and lastly, a bag full of irons and hybrids won’t cut it. I need to buy some fairway woods.  The biggest thing I learned is I need to stop getting frustrated and start each hole with a new attitude. Ok, so I’ve learned a lot but where do I start?


Getting to the range an hour before tee time is going to take some work. It was easy to do during my friend’s visit because I cleared my schedule but usually I’m lucky if I get to the clubhouse 15 minutes before the tee time.  The goal going forward is to get to the clubhouse no later than 45 minutes prior to tee time.


Ok, what to tackle next? The following weekend I had a golf date with Lisa and Sheri. Both Lisa and Sheri are lifelong golfers so I figured I better at least get a 3 wood.  With gift card in hand (Thank you Davis Family) I headed to Golf Galaxy. In my mind I would get a 3 wood that matched my set. I thought I would be in and out of Golf Galaxy in about 15 minutes flat. Because I haven’t used my 4 hybrid and I can only have 14 clubs in my bag, I brought it along to trade in. I also wanted to get a decent sand wedge. No problem. When I told the Sales Associate what I was shopping for he pulled three clubs and started taping them up as he walked me to the demo area. He must of read the look on my face because he said, “ You’re not planning to buy a club without trying it right”?


So the great thing about trying out the club is the Sales Associate actually watched me while I hit balls and they have this cool machine that shows accuracy and speed.  He too noticed I was breaking my “V” at contact. So he gave me a drill to work on.  An hour later I had settled on an Adams Golf 3 Wood which I promptly named after the golfer Aaron Badderly. Next he took me to look at balls based on my swing speed. What? Ok, confession. Previously I bought balls based on price and our cuteness. Yes, they make cute balls!


So I left Golf Galaxy feeling really ready to play with Lisa and Sheri. So how did I do? Stay tuned to the next blog post to find out!

A Month of Great Golf

October has been full of great golf experiences! First I played the Chris Kirkpatrick Foundation Golf Tourney.  It was a great way to kick off the month and my birthday week.  My foursome consisted of Ginny, Sue and Tony. Ginny and Sue and I have been playing together for quite a while. Poor Tony had no idea what he got himself into but in the end he had fun.


There were many cool elements to this tournament. Many restaurants came out and did sampling at various holes. There was a hair salon that had you hula hoop for vodka shots. And then there was “Nerves of Steel.” This was a group of entertainers that tried to rattle you as you teed off. They tried to be distracting but they had never met Sue and I. I think in the end we rattled them! Also Medicus Golf was out there letting you try their new Overspin Putter. If you’re in the market for a new putter I suggest you check it out. And if you’re in the market to buy, you can save 10% by using coupon code CKF10210. Check them out at


My second tourney was EWGA Women Playing for T.I.M.E at Reunion Golf. This tourney was a “PINK” event in support of Breast Cancer awareness. My foursome consisted of Merrily, Debbie and Ginny.  We had a great time even though we came in last place! Clearly we didn’t buy enough mulligans! Who knew there was a strategy to playing tournament golf.


In between my golf tournaments I played with my cousin Kiilu at Orange County National. I made the misfortune of talking lots of trash before our game which seemingly motivated Kiilu to bring his “A” game. I didn’t mind eating crow. It was a beautiful day and he gave great tips.


I also had a chance to catch up with my dear friend Billy. We played at Hunters Creek. A great course for long hitters. We really had fun and Billy was impressed on how far my skills have come in such a short time. I had an awesome day!


Lastly, I closed out the month playing the 2nd Annual Leads and Links tournament sponsored by the Central Florida National Black MBA Association. This tournament was at Celebration Golf. I played with Roberto, Mike and Mark. It was the first time we met even though we all work at the same company. This tournament was also a best ball scramble. I quickly found my role in this tournament. I was the long hitter from the forward tees. Whoo hoo!


Yes, October was full of great golf, fellowship and fun! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings!


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