My nutritionist said to me, “When you’re ready, you’ll lose
weight.” At the time, I had no idea what she meant. Here I am spending time and
money to meet with her. Of course, I’m ready.

The reality was – I wasn’t ready.

Weight loss takes hard work, dedication and sacrifices. And
the truth is I’m enjoying life. I am happy and my slight weight gain is a
reflection of that happiness.

I was at my thinnest when I was in toxic situations. I didn’t
eat well – a staple of salad every day. And I worked out to escape.

When I shred those toxic relationships and situations – I gained
fun with friends. Nights out with amazing dinners and conversations vs alone
time on the treadmill.

I had to come to peace that the weight gained was a wonderful trade-off for the toxic lifestyle that I shed.

I am healthy and happy and that’s a gain I can live with.


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