Crunch Time

6 months ago I bought a discounted certificate for 10 bar
method classes that expired in 6 months. I bet you can already see where this
is going….

2 weeks from the expiration date I had 9 classes left.
Traditionally I will do 1 maybe 2 classes a week. So I had an option. Just “let
it go” or “get it done. “

Since my pride was on the line I chose “get it done.” The
first week I rocked out 3 classes in a row. I also rocked out a lot of

So, with time management, warm baths, and ibuprofen I was
able to crank all 9 classes. I never would’ve guessed that my body would make
it. I pushed myself and I made it.

  1. June 17, 2019

    Go Lisa Go! I’m proud of you. I’ve always wanted to try this class.


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