Love got me into this and I hope love will get me out…

More than a year ago I celebrated a milestone birthday. Leading up to the birthday there were many celebrations filled with amazing food and libations. Friends and family showered me for months with dinner, champagne, and happy hour. Because I don’t generally let anyone to take care of me – I gave in.

45 days post birthday – my job was eliminated. In fact, the entire team was laid off. Nothing like getting laid off with co-workers that are also friends. We would get together to the movies, to brunch, to bottomless champagne.

By the time I started my new job 6 weeks later I had to buy a new wardrobe. All that loving was showing around my mid-section.

The new gig is awesome and the team I work with is amazing. But we really enjoy eating together. I had to have a real discussion with myself , pick self-love and book an appointment with my  doctor.  My doctor recommended that I try a plant-based diet for 30 days. More on that – next time…

  1. February 18, 2019

    This would be hard for me but my cholesterol could use an adjustment … I’m in. 30 days. Mb will be here 2/26-3/5 so champagne then only

    • February 24, 2019

      I thought it would be hard for me… but it wasn’t.

  2. February 18, 2019

    Can’t wait to read more! How did the plant based diet go ?

    • February 24, 2019

      Still going… lost 10 pounds quickly. I look leaner…


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