Last several weeks I have been lethargic. I thought I was being lazy. I was getting random colds or allergy issues. Congested sinuses, then congested chest and then my ear. In my mind I was handling it. Until the headaches took over. By day 3 of no sleep I went to a clinic because my primary care doctor didn’t have any appointment for another week (I digress).

Turns out I had an upper respiratory, sinus and ear infection. Trifecta! I’m now on Day 3 of antibiotics and probiotics. My energy levels have returned. I’m ready to kick this infection and get back to working out.

Having down time has given me a chance to reflect and re-focus. 1. I love to be active. So when I had constant bouts with being lethargic I should have investigated. 2. Being sick has me re-focusing on being healthy.

I’m going to take some time to come up with my plan and execute.


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