4 months ago I sprained my knee a couple of hours after running a 5k. This is the longest it has taken me to recover. My right knee has given me trouble over the years. 6 years ago I had a lateral release. I just can’t seem to get this knee healthy.

About a month ago I finally went to the doctor to get it checked out. Luckily, I didn’t tear anything but I was still suffering a bit from issues with my patella. My doctor told me to try and start running again. Of course I didn’t. Just not ready to test it out.

I did get a little more active. Playing tennis and I went back to the Bar Method. I ordered KT tape and I love it. Support without the bulkiness of the brace.

Last week I went on a Royal Caribbean cruise to Key West, Cuba and Mexico. Empress of the Seas is a smaller ship with a decent fitness center. Except this ship was sold out. So it was a little hard to get a treadmill. I had to work out in order to keep pace with my eating! So I gave the knee a shot on the jog track on deck 6. First, half mile I only walked. Second, half-mile, I walked and ran! I did about a mile and a half. Then I went back to the fitness center. Waited for a treadmill and got in ½ mile running on an incline! I had some pain later and swelling but nothing I couldn’t manage (especially with Biofreeze). Also, on this cruise I tried Zumba again. I went through the hour class without any pain.

So now I have the confidence to introduce more running into my routine. Which is desperately needed. Good news, I only gained 2 pounds on the cruise. Bad news, I am at my heaviest weight in years. 4 months until my birthday celebration. It’s time to start training for gold.


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