Wow, did November fly by for anyone else or just me? Luckily for me I was able to get in a lot of Golf! As if getting in lots of golf was enough, it was made better by playing with some really good golfers.  I’m the type of person that if John Daly were to call and ask to play with me, I would say yes without thinking. Then of course, the day of, I’d freak out.


I was very excited when a friend said he was travelling home and would stop in Orlando. He is a great golfer and very passionate about the game. I knew a weekend hanging out with him would provide opportunities to improve my game.  During his visit we played two rounds. During these two rounds I learned the following things: I break my “V” on contact with the ball, I need to tee up more when using my driver, I need to record the distances I get with each club, get the range an hour before tee time  and lastly, a bag full of irons and hybrids won’t cut it. I need to buy some fairway woods.  The biggest thing I learned is I need to stop getting frustrated and start each hole with a new attitude. Ok, so I’ve learned a lot but where do I start?


Getting to the range an hour before tee time is going to take some work. It was easy to do during my friend’s visit because I cleared my schedule but usually I’m lucky if I get to the clubhouse 15 minutes before the tee time.  The goal going forward is to get to the clubhouse no later than 45 minutes prior to tee time.


Ok, what to tackle next? The following weekend I had a golf date with Lisa and Sheri. Both Lisa and Sheri are lifelong golfers so I figured I better at least get a 3 wood.  With gift card in hand (Thank you Davis Family) I headed to Golf Galaxy. In my mind I would get a 3 wood that matched my set. I thought I would be in and out of Golf Galaxy in about 15 minutes flat. Because I haven’t used my 4 hybrid and I can only have 14 clubs in my bag, I brought it along to trade in. I also wanted to get a decent sand wedge. No problem. When I told the Sales Associate what I was shopping for he pulled three clubs and started taping them up as he walked me to the demo area. He must of read the look on my face because he said, “ You’re not planning to buy a club without trying it right”?


So the great thing about trying out the club is the Sales Associate actually watched me while I hit balls and they have this cool machine that shows accuracy and speed.  He too noticed I was breaking my “V” at contact. So he gave me a drill to work on.  An hour later I had settled on an Adams Golf 3 Wood which I promptly named after the golfer Aaron Badderly. Next he took me to look at balls based on my swing speed. What? Ok, confession. Previously I bought balls based on price and our cuteness. Yes, they make cute balls!


So I left Golf Galaxy feeling really ready to play with Lisa and Sheri. So how did I do? Stay tuned to the next blog post to find out!


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