Originally Posted August 2010

Recently I was having some medical issues and I sought out two professionals. My masseuse, Oscar, and my Doctor. Interestingly enough they both gave me the same word of caution, I need to take better care of myself. Whoa… wait a minute, granted, I realize I have regained my appetite for life and the summer of fun has caused me to pack on some pounds but hey….


Oops, turns out my extra weight wasn’t what they were talking about. I have been an athlete the majority of my life and while my inner age is 25, my physical age, is well, uummm, not! Both Oscar and my doctor both lectured me on stretching, eating well, and taking my vitamins. Both warned that gone are the days of just getting up and exercising. Whatttt???? Ugh!


So I’ve embarked on what I’m calling “Getting Golf Fit.” Getting Golf Fit is not about losing weight. It’s about getting fit enough to continue playing this game I love. Fit includes: increasing flexibility, arm, core, leg and mental strength.


So how am I going about Getting Golf Fit? Well, for right now I’m trying to make sure I am doing cardio consistently to get off the summer of fun inner tube that is circling my body! LOL! Ok, it’s not that bad but I do have a little extra pack to my 6 pack. Andia Winslow, professional golfer, is sharing some of her fitness routines online. So if you want to join me in getting fit check out Andia at www.youtube.com/user/ADUB365 .


Mentally, I’ve identified two spiritual, motivational guides, Joel Osteen and Bishop Vashti McKenzie. I subscribe to Bishop McKenzie’s daily audio email “Wake Up Call” and I’m currently listening to Pastor Osteen’s audio devotional “Take 10” Getting Your Life Back On Track. After listening to the morning inspiration, I then take time to journal.


Right now, I’ve given myself a preliminary date of Oct. 1 to complete phase 1 of Getting Golf Fit. If you have any tips please share them in the comments section. I’ll be sharing my progress on Twitter @playforwardtees, feel free to follow me and see how I’m doing. Also, I wouldn’t mind some words of encouragement 😉

I’m not getting older, I’m getting better!




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