Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, trash talking is a part of the game. The downside to trash talking is it doesn’t always reflect the current reality but hey minor detail. If there was an Olympic category for trash talking, I would be a gold medalist, but at some point you have to put up or shut up.
My put up or shut up moment is about to be upon me. My Fairy Golf Father has offered me a spot in the kick off golf charity golf tournament of Zo’s Summer Groove. For those who don’t know, Zo’s Summer Groove is a hosted by NBA Champions Alonzo Mourning and Dwyane Wade , July 14-18, 2010, The Groove is a five-day weekend fundraising event that has something for everyone: golf, comedy, concert, benefit dinner, youth summit, youth basketball clinic and sports conference, a free block party, an all-star basketball game and numerous exclusive functions. Now in its 14th year, The Groove has raised more than $7 million for local South Florida programs and initiatives supported by Alonzo Mourning Charities and Wade’s World Foundation. Players in the golf tournament are a who’s who of Miami sports, celebrities and business owners. My trash talking mound has grown to the size of Mt. Everest.
Now the reality, again minor detail, is that I haven’t played or practiced in a week. Now that doesn’t mean I didn’t think about golf. I recently bought a Motorola Devour, a smart phone that is smarter than me. The upside of this phone is access to great apps. I recently downloaded (for free) a shot tracker, a golf GPS and a countdown widget. The widget is now my nemesis. I plugged in the date for “The Groove” and everyday this widget tells me how many days away I am. Ugh.
Downloading apps isn’t all I did. Of course I went shopping. I scored a cute pair of shoes ($20), a blinged out ball marker ($15), a mint green golf shirt ($13) to match aforementioned shoes, and a black/white golf shirt ($1.50) to match the ball marker. By the way, the cost of the golf shirt, $1.50, is not a typo. 2 weeks ago I joined IZOD rewards. Just for joining they sent me a $10 gift certificate. When I went in the store the shirt was %60 off plus I had a %20 coupon for being a rewards member and then I used the gift certificate. Total = $1.50!
Now I’m firmly rooted in reality and that darn widget is doing the countdown, so I have got to focus on getting my golf skill level up to my trash talking level. The plan is to play at least 9 holes during the week in addition to the weekend. Luckily this week, Sheri has offered to play with me. Sheri is an experienced golfer. My strategy is not to beat her, but to steal some of her technique. The following weeks I’ll play in the EWGA 9 and dines, these are 9 holes played after work and recap at the 19th hole. Also, thanks to Yvonne from the golf clinic, there is a company drop in league that plays 9 holes every Wednesday. Lastly, Coach Stepney as offered to go out on the course with me and critique my play.
There is an opportunity to elevate my game in time. The question is will I put up or shut up? Start your wagers now!


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