Lord Give Me Strength

Recently at lunch, a friend shared how much removing Gluten from her diet had a positive effect on how her body responded. Removing Gluten is not something I felt I could do. But what about temporarily?

For Lent I gave up Gluten, sweets, and red meat. In the beginning I really thought my biggest struggle would be sweets. Day 5 and the struggle is real. I can’t even miss sweets for reading all the labels to try and understand why is there “gluten” in this?

I did discover that regular potato chips are Gluten Free.
Yup. They very quickly became my go to.  And on Day 3 – I had to cut them out of my

Gains and Losses

My nutritionist said to me, “When you’re ready, you’ll lose
weight.” At the time, I had no idea what she meant. Here I am spending time and
money to meet with her. Of course, I’m ready.

The reality was – I wasn’t ready.

Weight loss takes hard work, dedication and sacrifices. And
the truth is I’m enjoying life. I am happy and my slight weight gain is a
reflection of that happiness.

I was at my thinnest when I was in toxic situations. I didn’t
eat well – a staple of salad every day. And I worked out to escape.

When I shred those toxic relationships and situations – I gained
fun with friends. Nights out with amazing dinners and conversations vs alone
time on the treadmill.

I had to come to peace that the weight gained was a wonderful trade-off for the toxic lifestyle that I shed.

I am healthy and happy and that’s a gain I can live with.

No Sugar Challenge

Mid-July my sorority sister put together a 2-week no sugar
challenge. I failed miserably.

Then in August we decided to do a 30-day challenge. Day 3 –
I gave in during a stressful day. I tried to substitute with fruit but no go. I
went and bought jelly beans. Since these weren’t my favorite jelly belly – I figured
I would settle my sweet tooth with just a couple beans.

My first handful, was the sugar rush. Second handful, “do I
even like these?” Third handful, “I don’t like these – why am I still eating
them?” Rest of the bag – in the trash.

For me joining challenges isn’t about winning. It’s about
being more mindful about why I felt I needed to do the challenge. What element of
my life did I feel I needed to improve?

It’s now October and my favorite candy is candy corn. The sweet
tooth has been raging so I decided to read up on sugar addiction.

Now I’ve noticed that I reach for candy when I need a boost
of energy or when I’m procrastinating from doing a task I don’t want. Once again,
I try to be mindful when I reach for candy to ask myself “why.”

Crunch Time

Crunch Time

6 months ago I bought a discounted certificate for 10 bar
method classes that expired in 6 months. I bet you can already see where this
is going….

2 weeks from the expiration date I had 9 classes left.
Traditionally I will do 1 maybe 2 classes a week. So I had an option. Just “let
it go” or “get it done. “

Since my pride was on the line I chose “get it done.” The
first week I rocked out 3 classes in a row. I also rocked out a lot of

So, with time management, warm baths, and ibuprofen I was
able to crank all 9 classes. I never would’ve guessed that my body would make
it. I pushed myself and I made it.

Building a Tribe

Wow…so I got the dietitian (RDN) and I was so excited about making the leap.

I had no idea the amount of energy goes into meal planning and prep.  Seriously…

Ok – so within the first week I was down 1 pound. Then I attended the Arnold Palmer Invitational Golf Tournament. It’s an annual pilgrimage for me. 15 years or more I’ve been going to this tournament. I enjoy meeting up with friends and eating/drinking.

With the tournament over, I was back to shopping, preparing, cooking, measuring and packing. This is not fun…nope. Not at all.

I’m one week in and this is getting old. I’m one week in and I can tell this is my Achilles heel. This is getting old and painful. At this point I’m up to 3 meltdowns in the grocery aisle. There are so many things in this world I can do. But pick a yogurt among several shelves a mile wide…nope.

I’m hyperventilating trying to figure out is it nonfat or low fat. Regular or Greek. Breathe…Breathe…UGH…

I went to the brink of quitting and letting the dietitian have ALL my money. It is also at this moment where I realize why there is a no refund policy. But then….a Godsend. Literally.

My Sorority Sister recommends a personal chef. Then a dear friend (and Sorority Girl) recommends a Health and Wellness Coach.

My Vibe Tribe is coming together. Dietitian, Personal Chef, and Health and Wellness Coach.

I am 2 Legit to Quit…

Hey Girl, Can I Get Your Number?

Well, well…got my results from my physical. Basically, I’m healthy as a horse except for that set of numbers that determine my BMI. And since my growth spurt is long gone…I’ve got to get to work on lowering that number and my blood pressure number. Something tells me that they are related…

I’ve been on a plant-based diet for 6 months. I look leaner and some say “younger” but I really want to get in better shape. I’ve ramped-up my work outs and hired a nutritionist. Our meeting is later this week.

I’m excited to have someone else put together a plan. I’m actually looking forward to taking a break from cooking too. Looking for temporary chef to prepare my weekly meals or a service like Fit Life Foods.

I’m actually proud of myself –allowing someone to assist in my planning. I answered all questions and exposed some vulnerability. Giving up control in believing only I know what’s best for me.

Let’s see how it goes…

Love Got Me Into This…

Love got me into this and I hope love will get me out…

More than a year ago I celebrated a milestone birthday. Leading up to the birthday there were many celebrations filled with amazing food and libations. Friends and family showered me for months with dinner, champagne, and happy hour. Because I don’t generally let anyone to take care of me – I gave in.

45 days post birthday – my job was eliminated. In fact, the entire team was laid off. Nothing like getting laid off with co-workers that are also friends. We would get together to the movies, to brunch, to bottomless champagne.

By the time I started my new job 6 weeks later I had to buy a new wardrobe. All that loving was showing around my mid-section.

The new gig is awesome and the team I work with is amazing. But we really enjoy eating together. I had to have a real discussion with myself , pick self-love and book an appointment with my  doctor.  My doctor recommended that I try a plant-based diet for 30 days. More on that – next time…

Trying something different

One of my interns shared that she noticed that words are important to me. As I embark on this weight loss journey I needed to understand what was tripping me up. We all know to change your body composition is about diet and exercise. For example, how I got in this situation was robust food and champagne consumption and not exercising. Also, the last two weeks I was on medication that jacked up my weight just as I was finally getting it straight.

As I think about the phrase “diet and exercise” I realize this phrase was stressing me out. Diet to me means deprivation and exercise to me means pain. Recognizing that words are important to me – I decided to change my strategy.  Change “diet” to portion control and “exercise” to shake my butt. My challenge isn’t really what I eat – but how much. For example, I love green grapes. Green grapes are healthy but not when I eat about 2 pounds over the course of a day.

Shake my butt is something I feel I can do for at least 30 minutes a day. However, If I tell myself I need to exercise…well I will find any excuse not to.

My goal is for the next 30 days to exercise 30 minutes and to right size my portions by following the My Plate recommendations. Also, for the next 30 days I will enter my progress in My Fitness Pal. This will be experiment of mind over matter (?). I will report my progress weekly. Wish me luck!

The Dance

I feel as if I’m doing the cha cha. Every step forward comes with two steps back. My sinus, upper respiratory, ear infection triggered my trigeminal neuralgia in my right cheek. For the last month I’ve slept through the night only 3 times.

The medication I’m taking requires that I eat “hearty.” The first night I tried to eat light. It only took an hour before I got sick. So now I’m sick, too exhausted to work out and eating hearty. I’m not at my heaviest but I’m slowly creeping in that direction.

For the last year, every time I was ready to launch a full on fitness program something happened. It’s as if my body wanted me to take some time off and rest. I’ve been an athlete most of my life. Does my body just want to chill?

It’s understandable that my body is tired. However, I don’t like this fuller version of me. How do I balance being fit and giving my body the rest it requires?

Using a Set Back to Re-Focus

Last several weeks I have been lethargic. I thought I was being lazy. I was getting random colds or allergy issues. Congested sinuses, then congested chest and then my ear. In my mind I was handling it. Until the headaches took over. By day 3 of no sleep I went to a clinic because my primary care doctor didn’t have any appointment for another week (I digress).

Turns out I had an upper respiratory, sinus and ear infection. Trifecta! I’m now on Day 3 of antibiotics and probiotics. My energy levels have returned. I’m ready to kick this infection and get back to working out.

Having down time has given me a chance to reflect and re-focus. 1. I love to be active. So when I had constant bouts with being lethargic I should have investigated. 2. Being sick has me re-focusing on being healthy.

I’m going to take some time to come up with my plan and execute.


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